us Prophetess Carmen McDonald- Prophetic Mentoring by the Master Prophet E Bernard Jordan under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Prophetess Carmen McDonald

Daughter of God,Joy full Servant of GOD,Prophetess, I Am Blessed to be a Blessing by the Grace of God. I Thank God in Christ for being I AM which enables me to connect with God's Word. I Thank Christ for the way, may we edify one another and grow inthe expressed idea of God, which is Christ...Much Love My prayer is that Love, will be the proactive state of our being. Let this state heal and regenerate the mind till in Christ we are found. Enjoy the Process.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Happy First Fruits

Praise the Most High AhayahA for his Son Yashayah and The Comforter The Holy Spirit

One Love...... Much Love...... More Love

Praise AhayahA ba Hashem Yashayah wa Ruach HaKodesh

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