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Prophetess Carmen McDonald

Daughter of God,Joy full Servant of GOD,Prophetess, I Am Blessed to be a Blessing by the Grace of God. I Thank God in Christ for being I AM which enables me to connect with God's Word. I Thank Christ for the way, may we edify one another and grow inthe expressed idea of God, which is Christ...Much Love My prayer is that Love, will be the proactive state of our being. Let this state heal and regenerate the mind till in Christ we are found. Enjoy the Process.

Monday, September 04, 2006

When are you Happy? Happy is as Happy does

I am happy
when I am knowingly and willingly doing the things that will please God.
I feel happy
Pleasing God this rejuvenates my soul.

Oh, and without faith it is impossible to please God.

Happy is not always equated with happenings but more with bliss, just knowing.
glorifying God can be equated with Happy because it is the Holy Spirit moving not just your emotion.

Proverbs 13

of course I am happy when I have enough money to share and circulate, loving friends and excellent health and creative endeavors taking place.

When I think about it My joy, happiness and purpose is sharing his love, message and doing the things that will please and Glorify his name.

We were made to glorify his name in all that we do.

How do you glorify his name, when are you most happy?

God says above all things he wish for us to prosper and be in perfect health even as our soul prospers'

I want my soul to prosper in the things of God.
mind/soul ,body and my spirit Wholeness Holiness

The true surrender to God Christ making yourself available as a bride

The Ultimate Yes

the True I Do

that thought in action even makes me happy.

Love Prophetess Carmen
Greatest Love Christ

Please post your comments or thoughts what really makes you happy


  • At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What makes me happy is knowing having GOD in my life and to be perfectly honest MONEY!


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